Who we are

BLT is an Italian company, with over half century of activity in the television industry, and is leader in the Video Server market destined to the professional broadcasting industry, distinguished in sport live production events. BLT product range spans up to the latest UltraHDTV technology.

BLT was founded in 1959 by Leonardo Bartelletti (President & CEO) for designing and manufacturing of professional television equipment.

BLT has pioneered Digital Video Processing since 1977, while studies about video compression were started in the 80’s, and Leonardo Bartelletti is member of UNINFO (ISO Italian MPEG body) since 1989.

BLT‘s main work has been designing and producing Digital Disk Recorders, since 1994, with 4:2:2 compression up to 50Mbit/sec data rate (I frame only like), with simultaneous playback while recording, for a variety of applications: live programs, sport events, news, time delay, spot play-out, etc.

During the ‘first’ more than fifity years of the company history, the developed and manufactured product list is very long:
Starting with B&W cameras and monitors, to color video mixers, digital Slow-Scan compression system for video transmission over dial-up telephone lines, broadcast TBC re-synchronisers, DVE digital effects generators and libraries; Video DUPLEXER, spatial compression system for transmission, with contribution quality, of two TV channels on a single TV analog Link (terrestrial or satellite), in component format (Y,B-Y,R-Y)…
only to mention some of the BLT milestone developments.

During the years, BLT co-operated with many italian and international companies in the television industry: Philips, Thomson CSF, Bell&Howell, JVC Professional Product, FOR-A, Sony, Elsag, Magneti Marelli, SIP/Telecom-Italia, RAI TV, Fininvest/Mediaset.

BLT is a member of ISO/UNINFO, IEEE, IABM, sustaining member of SMPTE and a full member of the Pro-MPEG Forum, to maintain a collaborative dialog with key customers and equipment manufacturers to achieve the goal of equipment interoperability.

BLT Italia srl (this is the full company name) is a limited company, totally owned by the Bartelletti family and Leonardo Bartelletti is the President and CEO


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